The renovation means the former school building can house the entire mental health and substance abuse program for adults and youth.

FINDLAY, Ohio — Long-needed renovations are complete at Findlay Mental Health and Addiction Services.

The Family Resource Center has completed a $1.75 million renovation project on a Carlin Street building in south Findlay.

The project upgraded this former school building to house the entire program of mental health and substance abuse services for adults and youth.

The center used the means of Art Ohio Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse and a Community Development Block grant

The hope is that having both services under one roof will make it easier for families to get help.

“We are very hopeful that this will give individuals and families more convenient access to all the services that family members can receive in one place,” said Ginny Williams, chief culture and transformation officer for the Family Resource Center.

Telemedicine facilities have also been upgraded.

Now the center will also be able to hold private lessons in a larger group.

Leaders said the revamp will be a game-changer for their customers’ needs. Health Care of Genoa will offer an in-house pharmacy so clients can pick up mental health prescriptions in one visit right after class.

“It’s great that they’re here with the doctor and the nurses to provide that information as well,” said Tiffany Becken, director of operations for Genoa Health. “If there’s an insurance issue, if there’s a drug interaction, anything like that. Instead of spending time on the phone answering those questions, they’re right there.”

The Family Resource Center hopes that upgrading this facility can really make a big difference to the mental health of clients seen in the buildings originally built in 1924 and 1860.

“From a psychological perspective, we know that a clean, fresh environment improves our overall mental health,” Williams said.

The Carlin Street campus of the Family Resource Center will officially open its doors to customers on Monday, May 15.

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