Johnny Depp testified for three days this week is on trial for his lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp is suing Hurd for libel, alleging that she falsely portrayed him as a domestic abuser and damaged his lucrative acting career. The allegation revolves around a 2018 article written by Hurd in the Washington Post in which she referred to ill-treatment but did not name Depp’s name.

In the rostrum, Depp said he never beat Hurd and that he never beat a woman. He accused Hurd of abuse and also talked a lot about his own problems with drugs and alcohol. Here are some of the most shocking moments of the trial.

1. Depp said he drew blood on his fingers after he was cut during a fight with Hurd

During his testimony, Depp claimed that during a violent quarrel in Australia in 2015, Hurd threw two bottles of vodka at him, and when one exploded, he cut his finger to the spot where the bone was found. He claimed that the tip of the middle finger was cut off as a result.

Depp said that after he was cut, he wrote on the walls with his blood and then dipped his finger in the paint to continue writing. He said, “The blood seemed to have dried up, and so I put my finger in a can of paint as well as with mineral spirit to lay out my verbal messages on the wall.”

2. Lawyers questioned Depp about things he wrote during the incident

Depp said he wrote “reminders” in the mirror after Hurd made a film with actor Billy Bob Thornton. The words “Billy Bob and Light Amber” were written in the mirror photos.

He was also asked if he had painted a penis in the picture. “I do not know about it. I don’t remember drawing a penis in a picture, ”he said. Asked if he had forgotten, given his condition, Depp replied: “Drawing a penis was not the first thing on my mind. I had messages. Reminders.”

He also wrote on lampshades, a photo of which was also shown during the trial. “On this lampshade, which seems to be lying on the ground, you write with some mixture of blood or paint: ‘Good luck and be careful on top,'” Hurd’s lawyer asked.

“Yeah, right,” Depp said. – Yes, I thought it was good advice.

3. There was an audio in which Hurd discusses the alleged damage from Depp

An audio was heard during the trial, during which Hurd spoke to Depp about the damage he had done to her. “By the way, my family, my friends, everyone around me saw all the bruises, the broken blood vessel under my eye, the bruises on my head, the missing pieces of hair, the dissected lip, the black eyes, the swollen nose,” she said.

4. An image of a bruise that Depp allegedly received from Hurd was shown

Depp claimed that Hurd “roundhouse hit” him, resulting in a bruise under his eye. He also claimed that during the quarrel it seemed to him that she had damaged her leg against the door, and when he went to check on her, “she hit me in the head with the bathroom door.”

“And I was completely amazed at such a caustic monstrous step,” he said.

5. Depp speculated as to why Disney had severed ties with him

Hurd’s lawyer said reports of Disney’s severance from Depp appeared before Hurd’s article was published in 2018. Did you know that this was reported because in this article “Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in the Disney movie” Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, how does an actor deal with financial problems and personal dramas? ‘ Did you know about that? ” he asked Depp.

“I didn’t know it, but I’m not surprised, given that it’s only been two years of constant talk around the world that I’m beating up my wife,” he said, claiming that Hurd had publicly denigrated him. “So I’m sure Disney was trying to sever ties to be safe. At the time, the MeToo movement was in full swing.”

6. A video was made in which Depp says, “If you want to see a madman, I’ll give you [expletive] “crazy”

During the trial, a video of Depp and Hurd’s quarrel was heard, during which he became aggressive. You can see Depp pouring wine, angrily asking, “If you want to look crazy, I’ll give you [expletive] crazy. I went crazy. You’re crazy. ”

He then notices that she is recording, and fights with her, during which the video breaks off. Depp confirmed to Hurd’s attorney during questioning that it was him on video and it was at his home in West Hollywood. “And you’ll agree that in that clip you were tough, right?” The lawyer asks.

“Obviously I had a bad time,” Depp replied. He said Hurd illegally recorded it, adding: “I attacked a couple of offices but did not touch Ms. Hurd.”

Asked if he was drunk when the video was filmed, Depp replied that it was possible. “You poured yourself a mega-pint of red wine, right?” The lawyer asked.

– Mega-pint? Depp replied, laughing. “I poured myself a big glass of wine. I thought it necessary. “

Analyzing Johnny Depp’s defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard


7. Depot was asked about drug use with Marilyn Manson

“Um. Yes, we drank together, ”Depp said when asked if he had used drugs with singer Marilyn Manson. “We took cocaine a couple of times together.” Manson, whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner, has been accused by several women of sexual abuse.

Asked if he was taking pills with Manson, Depp replied, “One day I gave Marilyn Manson a pill to stop him talking so much.”

8. Depp’s texts were shown to his friend and sister: “Too much drink”

Smoke reports from Depp to his friend Paul Bethany show that he told the actor about a case where he drank too much next to Hurd. Hurd’s lawyer read the text aloud. “You may have to have a drink for me,” Depp Bethany wrote. I certainly knocked and showed Amber’s ugly colors during a recent trip. I’m crazy. And not so well headed after too much drink. Herbs, pills, good. Drinking? My capacity is too big and won’t stop. Ugly and boring Oh, how I like it. “

The texts of his sister Christy were also given as evidence. “She wants to talk to me, she doesn’t know what to do. She loves you, but she doesn’t always know what to do. She’s worried about it,” Christy Depp wrote about Hurd.

“Today was unpleasant. I didn’t know she had another one [expletive] photo shoot tomorrow. That’s why she really is [expletive] on the left. I don’t need an actress [expletive] and her [expletive] ambitions, ”Depp wrote in response.

9. There was an audio where Hurd claims Depp hit her in the head

In the audio recording, Hurd asks Depp why he can hit her head, but he responded with her scream.

Depp said he “strongly disagrees” with the statement, adding that he is trying to restrain it. He said their heads probably hit when she moved, when he held her back.

10. A photo of large packages of marijuana was shown

Hurd’s lawyer showed Depp a photo of at least four large bags of marijuana next to a cup with his Infinitum Nihil logo. Depp confirmed that the photo was taken in his recording studio.

11. Depp admitted to breaking hotel rooms in the past

“You destroyed hotel rooms earlier simply because you had bad days and bad times,” Hurd’s lawyer asked Depp.

“That’s right. I attacked a couch or two. Yes, sir,” Depp replied. Asked if he had shown himself through destructive behavior, Depp agreed.

Hurd’s lawyer asked, “And you once said in an interview that you said the following, a quote:‘ You know, you have bad days and you know some guys go to play golf, some guys you know break rooms in hotels. ‘ You’ve said it before, haven’t you? ”

“It’s a joke,” Depp replied. He said he did not believe he was the only person who broke down a door or broke something during an “internal skirmish” with himself.

12. Texts show that Depp mentioned Hurd with contemptuous language

Hurd’s attorney questioned Depp about texts sent in April 2015 to someone named “sister,” who may have been Hurd’s sister, Depp testified.

“I never, ever want to see this dirty whore,” Depp wrote. “Amber is very awkward.”

“And when you called Amber” that dirty whore, “she was your wife at the time, right?” The lawyer asked.

“Yes, sir,” replied Depp.

13. Depp said his mother abused him

Depp said that as a child, the physical bullying by his mother was “constant”, with bullying in the form of throwing an ashtray or high-heeled shoes or a phone that knocked him down. He said Depp wants to make sure his children don’t feel that kind of upbringing.

Actor Johnny Depp opposes ex-wife Amber Heard


14. Depp said that Elton John is trying to get him sober

“Elton John was one of your friends who was trying to help you sober, right?” Hurd’s attorney asked what Depp had confirmed. “And you sent him a message in 2012 thanking him for his help and saying, quote,‘ I would have been swallowed up by a monster if it weren’t for you? It’s a simple fact. ” Isn’t that true? “

“Yes. Again, the monster is referring to alcohol and substances, ”Depp said.

The word monster was used at another stage of the trial when Depp said Hurd called him a monster when he took drugs and alcohol, and that she continued to use him when he was “stone cold sober from alcohol and substances other than my drugs.” he said.

15. Depp claimed that Hurd left feces in their bed

Depp said that while Hurd was in Coachella, he decided to go to the penthouse they shared and pack his things when she wasn’t home. His bodyguard warned that fecal masses had been found in the bed.

“It was just as absurd, grotesque and cruel, and then I was shown a picture of what the problem was,” Depp said during the trial.

He said Hurd kept denying it, blaming his little dogs for it, but was convinced she was lying.

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