Jeanne Lampkin, who was arrested shortly after Zho’Nassi’s shooting of Tisi on May 6, has now been charged by a grand jury on murder charges.

TALEDA, Ohio – Editor’s note: The above video was originally released on May 7, 2022.

A Lucas County grand jury has accused an 18-year-old from Toledo of shooting a 14-year-old on May 6. Zho’Nasya Tisi.

Jeanne Lampkin was charged with one count of murder, three counts of aggravated assault and one charge of firing a firearm in a state of disability.

Tissy was shot around 8:17 p.m. on May 6 on the corner of North Erie and Cleveland streets. She later died at Mercy Health Center. Vincent Medical Center.

Shortly after the shooting, Lampkin was arrested and charged with murder. According to a document from the Toledo Municipal Court, Lampkin is accused of shooting at a crowd of people, striking Taisi. Police at the scene reported at least five shots.

Tissi’s death was the latest in a series of shootings that claimed the lives of young people in the city.

April 30 16-year-old Neiko McIntyre was shot in the 200th quarter on Orville Drive near North Detroit Avenue.

April 27, 7 months Hughes’ desire was in a car driven by her father on April 27 when passengers of another vehicle shot at their car. Police detained a 22-year-old boy Judia Carter in that case.

February 13 10-year-old Damia Ezel was killed and her uncle was wounded in a shooting on the corner of Collingwood and Delaware in the Old West End.

If you have information, you can call or write Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111. You may remain anonymous and be eligible for the award.

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