Following the completion of the I-475 interchange in 2021, the proposed Dorr Street Station development plans to bring new commercial retail and business space.

TOLEDO, OH – I-475 Dorr St. interchange Not only was it named the 2022 Project of the Year by the American Society of Civil Engineers upon its completion in the fall of 2021, but it was also an area of ‚Äč‚Äčopportunity where developers were eager to invest.

This changed the flow of traffic and created more traction through the city of Springfield, which involved project engineer George Aravetz.

One of the new developments proposed is a new 22-acre development off Door Street that has been approved Lucas County Planning Commission on Wednesday, May 24, for new commercial retail and business events.

It will be called Dorr Street Station and will be a shopping center with lots of new commercial space.

“Retail and the developers themselves contributed to the creation of this interchange,” Aravets said. “Now is the time to provide the services that this interchange would normally bring.”

Arowec said the old lot was owned by a landscape company, so there are many trees in the area that can be grown from each of the lots and create a top shelf interchange in cooperation with the township and the city of Toledo.

“Springfield Township has already experienced some additional residential development because of the location of this interchange,” Aravec said.

Springfield Township Trustee Tom Anderson Jr. is very pleased with how the interchange has brought new traffic through the township. They partner with Kott Enterprises, which owns a mulch business on the land.

“The phone has been ringing for quite some time,” Anderson said. “He works with other companies and businesses that either want to put their headquarters there or some kind of store.”

Anderson said it will also be great for local businesses and jobs, and he said it has already been funded through a joint effort with the township and city.

“Z JEDD and JEDZ the money that comes in takes the burden off our taxpayers and makes them happy so we don’t have to go through it,” Anderson said.

Anderson also said they’ve been working to beef up community policing as more come to the area, with hopes of improving safety.

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