The deputy found the child in the moving water and pulled him out of the creek. His 3-year-old sister also went into the water but was able to get out.

INDIANOPOLIS – Police are investigating the death of a 5-year-old boy who is believed to be drowned in Hendrix County Creek on Saturday.

Hendricks County MPs were called around 12:15 to the child, possibly in a creek near Hidden Hills Lane in Eagle Lakes near 56th Street near Braunsburg.

Officers of the first service surveyed the area, and at about 12:30 the deputy found a child in the stream and pulled him out of the moving water.

The child, identified as 5-year-old Joel Michael of Braunsburg, did not respond. Doctors took him to Hendrix Regional Hospital, where he later died.

Joel’s 3-year-old sister was also in the creek, but authorities say she appears to have gotten out of the water on her own.

The identity of the 3-year-old girl and her parents is not disclosed by the police.

The girl was taken to an Indianapolis hospital with life-threatening injuries. She has since been released from the hospital, police said on Sunday.

Hendrick County authorities along with members of the Indiana Department of Child Services and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources remained on the scene to investigate the death.

On Sunday, investigators said the children were playing near their home as they headed to a nearby creek and for some unknown reason found themselves in “relatively fast-moving” water.

The preliminary cause of death of the child – drowning, the preliminary cause of death, which carries out the autopsy of a 5-year-old boy.

The Hendrix County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement saying: “Our thoughts and prayers are directed to the family involved in this tragic incident and to our community at large.”

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