The community gathered to celebrate Sierra Jogin’s 26th birthday while raising money for the Sierah Strong for Schools program.

PERISBURG, Ohio – Family, friends and community mark big milestone Sierra Joginwho was abducted while riding a bicycle near the Delta in July 2016 and later killed.

In memory of her family, friends and the public gathered on Saturday to celebrate her 26th birthday in an effort to ensure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“It’s Sierra’s birthday party and we’re celebrating Sierra’s birthday and everything Justice for Sierah is doing and all the progress we’ve made since the last event,” said Tara Ice, Sierra’s aunt.

Jogin was 20 years old when she was abducted and killed.

But she did not lose her life in vain.

After her death, her aunt founded Justice for Sierah to honor her life.

And she developed what is known as Sierah Strong for schools pilot program.

“The curriculum has 3 health lessons and 4 physical education lessons, and it is being taught again. So now it’s a high school program. But our ultimate goal is from kindergarten to 8th grade. And it meets state standards,” he said. Ice.

The mission is to give students the opportunity to stay safe online and when they are outdoors.

It has already been tested in Cardinal Strich’s high school and academy

Melissa Empy is the director.

“With all the world we live in, and with all the madness that surrounds our children, especially on social media and all that they have access to, we wanted to do something to counter it,” Empy said.

The Sierah Strong program teaches students self-defense and the knowledge to defend themselves.

“And I think that’s what our kids were looking for. It’s something real. And it’s not just a story about something. It teaches them the techniques and what they need to protect themselves in our world,” Empy said.

So far, the program has been tested in more than 20 schools in northwestern Ohio and two in Michigan in hopes that it could save someone’s life.

“It’s important that Sierra is remembered for all the amazing things that have come out of her life, not for the tragic path she was fascinated by. That is why justice for Sierra is a way to keep her alive, ”Ice said.

Ice says this stage is a way to continue to make positive changes in people’s lives.

Her aunt says they are hoping for the final deployment of the “Sierah Strong for Schools” pilot program by the fall.

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