SIRCLEWYLE, Ohio – Authorities are investigating the death of a man from Circleville who was found dead near a barn in Fayette County on Sunday.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office was called Sunday morning that someone had found the body in the 200th block of Bloomburg-New Holland Road in Union.

Coroner was able to identify the man as 37-year-old Donald Anderson.

The Surkville Police Department said the Anderson family reported his disappearance the same day he was found. The family told police that Anderson was scheduled to meet with them at the Texas Road House in Grove City on Saturday, but never showed up.

Police said there were questionable circumstances of Anderson’s death.

Anderson’s 2009 white Buick Lucerna release also went missing and was reportedly stolen.

Anyone with information about his death is asked to contact the Searkville Police Department at 740-474-8888 or the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office at 740-335-6170.

Anderson’s death is being investigated by both law enforcement agencies.

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