A Columbus non-profit organization dedicated to diverting youth from crime

Columbus Dream helped three boys participating in the Kia Boys get away from violence and car theft and onto the soccer field.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — In July, Columbus police arrested an 11-year-old boy for stealing a Kia.

Just seven days later, police arrested the same 11-year-old for stealing a Hyundai from a hotel parking lot.

This is one of the reasons for the creation of a new non-profit organization, Columbus’ dreamhopes to appeal to young kids who are involved in car theft.

“We rescued three children who were part of the Kia Boys. They have changed their lives since they were here in the program. They choose football over the street,” said Roy Kendricks, president of Columbus Dream programs.

Many of these boys were dealing with multiple strokes. Although they are only teenagers, some of them already have criminal records.

“We lost a lot of children because of minors. We’re coming together to do everything we can to stop this,” Kendricks explained.

Columbus Dream was founded by a group of men who travel around Ohio starting youth programs to help stop violence and prevent teenagers from stealing cars, Kendricks said.

They provide mentorship and guidance for boys who may not have that at home.

If the kids need a ride to practice, they will. If they need jerseys, they will help.

Anything to make sure these kids see the right target.

Individuals involved in the nonprofit serve as leaders and mentors in the community.

They use football for a couple of hours a day from Tuesday to Friday, a little tough love on the field and encouragement to make what they hope will be a lasting success.

“We need to go into the community and find out what makes them become Kia boys and what makes them steal cars and what they’re missing at home,” Kendricks said.

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