John Kerr said he had recently discovered that his van was missing and now without transportation he is asking for his safe return.

Sacramento, CA – Updated May 20:

John Kerr is now accepting donations to Fr. GoFundMe company organized by his family.

After parking his wheelchair-accessible van, about a block from his residence in Sacramento on Sunday night, John Kerr said he returned to the same spot the next day to find something missing.

“I was devastated. My van is the blood of my life,” he told ABC10. “That’s how I get everywhere – to the reception (and) shopping.”

Kerr manages the fund for young people with muscular dystrophy, a disease he also lives alone. He said he has to travel frequently for outreach activities, visiting families and various offices across California. None of this is possible now without his affordable van.

Although he wants his van returned, Kerr said he could sympathize with anyone who might have stolen it.

“These are difficult times for many people, and I understand that someone may need to do this to have a place to live,” he said. “I would try to help them differently. But as for the van, that’s what I need.”

The car is a white Ford van with a lift on the right.

Despite the fact that the van itself is about 20 years old and costs several thousand dollars, according to Kerr, the installation of the powerlift was the most costly part of the theft.

“The new van, accessible for wheelchair users, costs about $ 75,000,” he said. “Society does not allow people with disabilities to get maximum freedom to live life to the fullest.”

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