In 2017, the Sandasky County Parks area received a former nine-hole golf course and wants to renovate the clubhouse into a common space.

FREMONT, Ohio – Five years after a new county park was created in Fremont, local leaders are working to make it a vibrant public space.

The former nine-hole golf course was donated Sandusky County Parks County and renovated to become the Cliff River Park in Fremont. Now, the parks of the district and Fremont Rotary are collaborating to raise $ 1.5 million for the renovation of a former clubhouse in Fr. park house.

The aim is to offer the lodge space as a multifunctional hall for community events.

“People can bring catering and weddings, they can hold giant celebrations, businesses can use it for an educational institution, they can use it for their corporate outings. It will really be an opportunity to use 365 days a year,” said Roger Koons, vice president. chairman of the Centennial Project Rotary Fremont.

“We expect to be able to use this building year-round and be able to engage the public in these spaces and create memories,” said Andrew Brown, Sandasky County Parks County Director.

The Rotary fundraising campaign is dedicated to their future centenary and is aimed at a gift for both the project of the lodge and the proposed amphitheater in downtown Fremont.

Since the creation of the River Cliff Park, the park area has always known that it wants to use this building, as there are not many such structures in the park system.

“A lot of people know this place, so people in Sandusky County already know it’s here. And being able to modernize what exists and make it their own will also be very important,” Brown said.

The goal is to have both this lodge project and the Fremont downtown amphitheater project completed by the 2026 Fremont Century.

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