John and Morgan Dial were married Friday in Monroe.

WALTON COUNTY, GA. On what was probably one of the biggest days of his life, the groom was involved in a car accident on the way to his own wedding. Walton County deputies made sure he still kept his promises on time.

“Who gets him to the wedding on time,” the sheriff’s office asked Facebook. “We do.”

John and Morgan Dial were married Friday at The Towers at Snows Mill in Monroe.

But when John and his three best men were involved in an accident just a few miles from the venue, Deputy Chris Bramlett didn’t hesitate to make sure they made it to the ceremony.

The groom’s mother, Emily Hammond, told 11Alive that everyone involved in the crash is OK and that it could have been a lot worse. She said all the airbags deployed, but neither man had a single scratch.

“I’m so grateful for the mother of the groom,” Hammond wrote on his Facebook page. She went on to say that the sheriff’s office “cares about the people of this county.”

Hammond said her daughter-in-law had a feeling something was wrong before the ceremony.

“She asked several times if he was there. She said she sensed something was up because everyone kept disappearing from the room. She was looking out the window looking for him,” Hammond said.

But when he was going to the place, he called so that she wouldn’t see him getting out of the patrol car.

“He didn’t want her to worry, he wanted her day to be perfect. So it was. She was so grateful that he and everyone involved were safe – and the wedding, while nerve-wracking, was so beautiful. He cried so hard when she walked down the isle,” Hammond said.

The sheriff’s office wanted to make sure it was a learning experience for everyone.

“Don’t forget to teach your loved ones to take care of more than themselves,” they wrote on Facebook.