Consequences of a mass extinction in California

Consequences of mass extinction in California | 60 minutes


A grizzly bear that appeared to have been killed was found near Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, prompting an investigation by federal officials.

Photographer Amy Gerber spotted the bear along the North Fork Highway early Monday near the town of Cody and took pictures of the dead animal. went viral on Facebook. One post received more than 1,000 shares and hundreds of comments, mostly from people outraged that the bear may have been killed. Images of the bear show a bloodied and disfigured face.

A spokesperson for the US Fish and Wildlife Service confirmed to CBS News that they are investigating the incident, saying that “due to the nature of the ongoing investigation, we are unable to comment further at this time.”

There was speculation that the bear had been hit by a car in the area Cowboy State Dailybut Gerber told a local paper that she believed the bear she saw had been shot.

“It was a big bear,” she said. “At least 500 pounds, I guess. If he had been hit by a car, especially the way cars are built these days, there would be parts all over the highway.”

As of 2018, grizzly bears in the Yellowstone area are protected by the Endangered Species Act. according to the National Park Service. The animal has recovered in the area, from about 136 in 1975 to about 1,063 in 2021. There is now a conservation strategy in the area to help remove them from the endangered species list.

The National Park Service encourages people visiting Yellowstone expect to meet a bear. People should stay at least 100 yards away from bears and should not approach them to take pictures and should never feed them.

If the bear approaches, the drivers must sound the horn and drive away. If a a bear approaches during a hike, do not pretend to be dead, do not run, scream or make sudden movements. Instead, don’t startle the bear and try to keep your distance between you and the bear. It is also recommended to carry bear spray in this area.

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