A horror museum curator hopes to open a museum later this month that will feature horror memorabilia, skulls and embalming materials in downtown Monroe.

MONROE, MI – One local horror fan hopes to spread fear all year long with his new haunted attraction in Monroe, Michigan.

The Michigan Horror Museum on Monroe Street in downtown Monroe will be the first of its kind in the state.

Nate Thompson is a horror film director.

He is now looking forward to curating Monroe’s new business.

He said it will be a truly unique experience and Michigan’s first two-story year-round horror attraction.

“The craziest things they’ve ever seen before are really shocking and awe-inspiring, but I want them to feel comfortable,” Thompson said.

Guests will be able to see the exhibits up close, not just on the big screen.

Many items Thompson received from his partners, such as Anatomy of Death, donations and online.

“We will have real skulls, real human bones, animal bones, embalming fluid. Various funeral exhibits, museums,” said Thompson.

Thompson also said there may be a catacomb exhibit and a red room with actual crime scene photos. This room will be restricted to visitors aged 18 and over.

Thompson is originally from the area, but he hopes to attract horror fans from around the country and the world, which he thinks will be good for the city.

“I think the downtown population will see a significant increase in business and overall tax revenue with more out-of-state foot traffic,” Thompson said.

While the museum welcomes visitors of all ages, Thompson said he is not personally responsible for any nightmares guests may experience.

Thompson hopes to have the museum open by mid-October, well before Halloween. Admission is $10 for adults, $6 for children 5 and older, and free for everyone else.