Many people never experience a solar eclipse in their lives, but one couple from Temperance, Michigan, has already seen five.

TEMPERANCE, Mich. — Many people are looking forward to the total solar eclipse in April 2024. This astronomical event will be a first for many people in northwest Ohio.

For one Temperance, Michigan couple, however, it will be a familiar experience they’ve never experienced so close to home.

Jim and Linda Morford have experienced five solar eclipses in retirement.

Their interest began when Jim purchased his first telescope.

The Morfords had a trip planned until Linda came home from school and explained the change in plans: “I come home and he’s just jumping up and down saying there’s going to be a solar eclipse while we’re there. it will be in Panama.’ It was close enough.

The local couple experienced the eclipse in Panama, Australia, Egypt, New Mexico and Kentucky.

While many of their eclipse trips felt like vacations, the first trip made all the difference. Linda said, “You only have to turn to one to get hooked.”

During their travels, Jim and Linda were able to experience different cultures and meet people from different walks of life.

They cherish the memory of a trip to Panama when a local family invited them to a family dinner.

Jim also let the kids look into his telescope so they could enjoy it.

In the United States, people faced traffic jams as they left the solar eclipse viewing area.

Internationally, the Morfords experienced the same thing in Egypt.

The Morfords say they plan to exercise patience throughout the experience.

“You have to be patient. Because it’s a slow process when the moon passes over the sun, and when it gets to full, it doesn’t last long, maybe three, four, five minutes at most,” said Linda and Jim.

From the miles traveled to the hours of waiting, the Morfords cherish every eclipse they’ve seen and look forward to the total solar eclipse in 2024.

From personal experience, they say you won’t want to miss it.


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