Haley Clinton used her skills as a nurse at the scene of a crash that killed a mother and father and left their two children in critical condition in hospital.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Haley Clinton, a licensed practical nurse, says Friday night was one of the most traumatic and adrenaline-pumping situations she’s ever been in after helping to save two children from a fatal Fulton County car crash Friday night.

Clinton was able to share the terrifying experience she had when she happened to be on stage right after it happened. She says she is grateful to be in the right place at the right time.

Clinton said she was driving her daughter to their father’s house when she and her wife noticed flashing glass in the road.

When they got to the car her parents were in, she said her mother was already dead. She said the younger child was unresponsive when they pulled her out and had a contusion on the left side of her skull, which left it swollen.

“I couldn’t even open her left eye to see the pupil,” Clinton said. “I later placed her on the grass and immediately put my fingers in her mouth to make sure her airway was open and started CPR.”

She will perform the necessary measures until an ambulance arrives on the scene to take the girl and her sister away.

“This little baby, she was fighting for air and life the whole time,” Clinton said. “It felt like a lifetime before the EMS finally came, but I think it was five minutes.

Clinton said she later learned she was the only nurse on the scene until authorities arrived and took over.

She said the experience was terrifying, but it didn’t stop her from applying as a nurse.

“It’s almost like your nurse intuition, it’s just going full throttle and you’re just doing what you’ve been taught,” Clinton said. “Because she was so small and so fragile that I had to help this child.”

WTOL 11 spoke with the family of the two young girls who say they are now in a medically induced coma. The family says they are grateful that Haley helped save the girl’s life.


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