Columbus police said the 22-year-old Blythe died on March 14 in a crash with five cars.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Amber Hatfield wants to have more time with her son Preston Blythe.

“I will never get my son back. It will be just a memory for his nephews. It will be just a thought, ”she said in an interview with 10TV.

Columbus police said the 22-year-old Blythe died on March 14 in a crash with five cars.

Hatfield said they have so many joint plans.

“We were going to go to South Carolina and go to the chapel,” she said. “It was my son. I’m looking forward to being a grandmother (and) with him it will never be.”

She wants people to know that her son was funny and he loved his family and friends and had fun fishing.

Columbus police said on March 14, just after 9:30 p.m., the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger raced down East Broad Street. The Charger driver knocked Kia behind, causing both cars to land in a ditch.

They said Challenger also lost control, causing Blythe, who was driving a Lincoln Towncar, off the roadside. His car took to the air and crashed into a Ford Mustang, which was stopped near Shadymer Lane. “Lincoln” bounced off the “Mustang” before stopping.

Police said the driver of the Kia Sportage with serious injuries was taken to hospital. Preston died at the scene.

Police said the Challenger driver fled the crash. The driver of the charger also left, snatching two children from the car.

Hatfield said the worst thing was that her son was heading to work and was two miles from home.

“My heart just left my body,” she said. “He loved me, and I knew he loved me.”

To honor her son, she said she would continue to laugh and continue to love.

She knows her son would like her to hold her chin high.

“I think the belief that one day I will be able to see his soul, or we can somehow connect, is what supports me,” she said.

The family organized Fr. GoFundMe to help with the funeral.

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