A second convoy of American citizens arrived in the coastal city of Port Sudan on Sunday as part of an evacuation organized by the US government. There were about eight buses with American evacuees from Khartoum in the convoy fights between the Sudan Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Force paramilitary group.

The US government, together with its allies, facilitated the departure of nearly 1,000 US citizens, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a statement. Fewer than 5,000 US citizens have sought advice from the government, Miller added.

The evacuees will travel by boat across the Red Sea to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday, where US officials will assist them with consular and emergency services. A U.S. naval ship with troops on board also arrived in Port Sudan on Sunday, CBS News foreign correspondent Ramy Inocencio reported.

American citizens arrive to evacuate the port as clashes continue between the paramilitary Rapid Support Force and the Sudanese army in Port Sudan, Sudan, on April 30, 2023.
American citizens arrive to evacuate the port as clashes continue between the paramilitary Rapid Support Force and the Sudanese army in Port Sudan, Sudan, on April 30, 2023.


The the first civilian convoy American evacuees arrived in Port Sudan on Saturday. It included 18 buses with several hundred US citizens.

Security around the first column was described as “tight”. Passengers were told not to use mobile phones. It has been confirmed that the 12-hour journey to the coast is under “top cover” protection, likely from US military drones.

The US faced questions about why it did not organize efforts to evacuate civilians, while other countries, including Britain, Germany and France, did. USA evacuated its diplomats from the country and closed its embassy a week ago.

At least two are American citizens died amid the fighting, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirmed Wednesday. Kirby said a second American died on Tuesday, but did not confirm their identity. However, the Sudanese American Medical Association identified the American as Bushra Ibnauf Suliman, a doctor who practiced medicine in the US for several years before returning to Sudan. The Associate Press reported that Suliman was stabbed to death in Khartoum in front of his family by looters who were robbing him.

Civilians await evacuation from Sudan at a seaport to avoid conflict in Port Sudan
Members of the public wait at a seaport as Saudi Arabia evacuates them from Sudan to avoid conflict, in Port Sudan, Sudan, on April 30, 2023.


The number of dead from Art the crisis in Sudan according to the World Health Organization, the number of people exceeded 500 people, thousands more were injured, which led to an exodus from the third largest country in Africa. Khartoum, a city of about five million people, has been turned into a war zone in a bitter conflict between General Abdel Fattah Burhan, the commander of Sudan’s armed forces, and General Mohamed Hamdan Dagallo, who heads the powerful Rapid Support Force, which has dashed once euphoric hopes for a democratic transition. Sudan.

“We reiterate our warning to Americans not to travel to Sudan,” Miller said in a statement on Saturday.


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