Henry Meacock, a 19-year-old finance student, died on March 15 after falling from a balcony while on spring break in Mexico.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Friends and students at Ohio State University gathered Monday night to honor Henry Michock.

The 19-year-old finance student died on March 15 after he fell from a balcony while on spring break in Mexico after friends said someone dropped an object and he reached for it.

“I gained a brother for life,” one of his friends said during a candlelight vigil on campus.

“This guy can change the whole atmosphere,” said another.

He grew up in New Jersey and loved golf and football.

Danny Meringola, one of Micoc’s friends, described him as a cheerful person who always made sure to put a smile on your face.

“Henry was a man who fully embodied the things that mattered. The friendship, the way he talked to someone, Meringolo said. “You know he made you feel special, and I think that’s very important, and you never forget things like that.”

After the vigil, Three’s Above High bar held a fundraiser, with all proceeds going to Mikko’s family.

“The phone call these parents got is every parent’s worst nightmare. When things are bad on this campus, the community steps up and sticks together and gives these kids a place to celebrate his life,” said bar owner Scott Ellsworth.

Meringola said he will always miss his beloved friend. He knows that his name will always be remembered in his heart and in many others.

“You die twice, you die first when you stop breathing, and you die the second time someone says your name for the last time. No one will ever say their name for the last time,” said Meringola.

In a statement sent to 10TV after Henry’s death. Ohio State said, “Our hearts go out to his family and friends at this exceptionally difficult time.”

Students in need of support are encouraged to contact the Student Life Counseling Service, and staff may contact the Ohio State Employee Assistance Program.

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