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According to new research from Lawn Love, Cincinnati ranks as the 15th best city in the U.S. for bagel lovers.

According to A new study Lawn Love.

When you think of a good bagel, you probably don’t think of Cincinnati. Who would? Bagels hail from New York. End of story, right? However, it turns out that Cincinnati is a bit of a bagel hub…a bagel lover’s dream, if you will. But maybe that’s to be expected when Cincinnati has a beloved bagel shop like Lil’s Bagels, which has garnered enough community support to rebound and rebrand after being was forced to close due to tense lease negotiations.

So, what does it take to become the 15th best city for bagel lovers in 2023? For starters, Lawn Love started with the 200 largest cities in the United States. They then took into account factors such as the number of bagel vendors per square mile and the proportion of highly rated (4.5+ star) bagel vendors (with more than 10 reviews).

Of course, it also helps that Cincinnati hosts the Bagel and Slice Festival, which gives the city major bonus points.

As expected, the cities that topped the list for bagel lovers included New York, San Francisco and Boston. Cincinnati ranks higher than all major cities in Ohio, with Cleveland at 22nd, Dayton at 55th, and Columbus at 58th.

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