LIMA – The following individuals have recently applied for a marriage license in the Allen County Heritage Court:

Thomas Shnuver Robbie and Sharon, both of Lima; Nicholas Evans and Mary Lindsey, both of Lima; Timothy Hooper and Margaret Boise, both of Lima; Joshua Sizemore and Cora snare, both with Spenservilya; De-lin Stentan and Sierra lensmann, both of Lima; Eaton and Hass Alexa Nodel, both of Blaftana; Ryan Louth Shroluke and Tamara, both with Spenservilya; Drew Jennings and Kirsten Davis, both of Lima; Vincent Ryfl from Lima and Gabriel Carver Gambia; Tristan Fryderyh with Gudfilda, Illinois, and Julian Hotmayr with Blaftana; Gareth Berelsman and Jenna Bush, both of Delfasa; Derrick Dansay and Heather Collins, both of Lima; Sean Pasha with Sandusky and Jessica Parker with Elis; Jeffrey Rex and Pamela Kunesh, both with Spenservilya; Michael Johnson of Lima and the siren with Gipsan Wapakoneta; Adam Johnson and Tana Vidmaer, both of Elis.

Furthermore, Ryan Uinget and Rachel Uebken, both of Lima; Chad Hoki and Madison Christie, both of Lima; Thomas Bird and Ashley Richter, both of Lima; Dakota Henttse Bokuk and Daniel, both of Lima; Benjamin Adams and Ayana Beningtan, both of Lima; Andrew Gerten and Taner Tsvibel, both of Lima; Jonathan Thornton and Kerry Johnston, both of Lima; Taymans Simpson and Amber Fields, both of Lima; Drew Chambers of Muncie, Indiana, and Kennedy Kistler with Blaftana; Derek Meyer with Leypsika and Amanda Kimel with Elis; Luc Hefner and Jenna Nolte, both of Lima; Nicolas and Gloria wild Gershuts, both of Elis; Edgar Perez from Rochelle, Illinois, and Kirsten Mason from Lima; and Ryan and Amber Stekhavs Goldman, both from Lima.

Also Joel Purugana and Ashlyn Gray, both from Lima; David Kolter and Cassandra Johnson, both of Lima; Kevin Neuenschwander and Lacey Bradley, both from Lima; Terry Lionheart and Catherine Myers, both from Lima; Zachary Chills and Morgan Schwartz, both from Elis; Justin Haggard of Blafton and Kyle Kalischuk of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada; Matthew Zheyns and Blanca Ramirez, both of Lima; Derrick Renfre Jr. and Christina Turner, both from Lima; Phoenix Day and Brianna Hawkins, both from Lima; Thomas and Angela Dalton Peynter, both of Lima; Zherad Vehinger and Autumn Slusher, both of Lima; Robert Miller and Christine Jackson, both of Lima; Anthony Palin and Cheyenne McKnight, both of Lima; Gillian West and Erin Stonehill, both from Lima; Jeremy Clapper Jr. and Alexandria Rex-Lara, both from Lima; Robert the Younger Jr. and Carrie Essex, both from Lima; Brandon Bush and Tonya McClurg, both from Lima; and Aaron Worst and Caitlin Porter, both from Columbus Grove.

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