Now the viral moment has been recorded by Ashley Strolin of WCNC Charlotte, who was in the stands during the national anthem.

CHARLOTTE, NC – If you’ve ever wanted to know how an anthem that is sung by over 74,000 people sounds, here’s your chance.

Record crowd on Charlotte FCThe first home match was a moment of synergy while singing the national anthem on Saturday night at Bank of America Stadium.

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After fans noticed technical issues when “The Voice” winner Michelle Brooks-Thompson started singing, it didn’t take them long to join them, scattering throughout the stadium.

Now the viral moment has been recorded by WCNC Charlotte’s Ashley Strolinwho was in the stands during the performance of the national anthem.

Brooks-Thompson told Stroley that she was not aware of the full scale of what had happened. She knew her microphone was off, but thought it was back. She said at the time she thought the crowd sang along because they liked the performance.

“Go back to the green room, and the field coordinator thanked me and praised me for doing everything so professionally, and I say,‘ It’s okay, you know, the microphone went out and he came back and I performed the rest of the song “They just heard me!” Brooks-Thompson said. “And he just looked at me and said, ‘No, they didn’t hear you.’

Brooks-Thompson said the moment was special to her despite technical challenges.

“I was just a part of that moment, it was what brought people together in the arena – even if it was for a minute and thirty seconds, we were together as one,” she said. “The number of fans that came up to me at the end, some had tears in their eyes, some were just excited that they were part of that moment. It meant more to me than anything else because peace and unity, that’s it what our country needs now. ”

Charlotte FC sold about 73,500 tickets on Saturday, and before the game, the team found that it had broken MLS a record with 74,479 fans.

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Earlier this week, Charlotte Football Club said it had sold enough tickets to break the MLS attendance record on Saturday against LA Galaxy. The record number of spectators for any MLS match was 72,584 by Saturday.

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