A common antibiotic for children is in short supply, and the FDA expects that to be the case for several more months. Ohio pharmacists agree that points to a bigger problem.

CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio — At Schieber Family Pharmacy in Circleville, supplies of common pediatric antibiotics were critical until about 10 days ago, according to pharmacy co-owner Larry Schieber.

As a father and grandfather, Schieber knows the stress a lack can cause parents.

“It’s scary to think about it, to have a child who is suffering and can’t get an antibiotic,” he said.

As a pharmacist who has owned the store for more than 30 years, he also knows that shortages are nothing new. However, he says they have never been more significant when it comes to pediatric antibiotics. amoxicillin.

Amoxicillin is in short supply, and the FDA expects this could continue for several months. why? It is in great demand.

Because of the surge in RSV and flu cases this fall, there were many secondary infections that required this antibiotic to treat. According to the Ohio Pharmacists Association, several key chemicals used in pediatric drugs coming from overseas cannot be shipped in time to meet demand.

“As many times as we’ve faced shortages of critical medications, this continues to be a problem,” said Michael Storey, PharmD, MS, of Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Pharmacists agree that this shortage points to a bigger problem: the supply chain.

“It really highlighted the vulnerability, and I hope the FDA will look into it,” Schieber said.

So what can you do if you can’t find what you need? For amoxicillin – ask your doctor or pharmacist for an alternative antibiotic. Or – ask if there are different doses, concentrations, capsules or tablets that might work.

“Whatever it takes to take care of the patient,” Schieber said.

The FDA maintains a database of drugs experiencing shortages. You can see this complete list, here.

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