Controversial influencer Andrew Tate, who was was detained along with his brother Tristan on charges of human trafficking and rape in Romania last December, was denied bail after three extensions of his detention on Tuesday, his spokesman confirmed to CBS News. Tate will remain in a Romanian prison until at least the end of the month.

“Unfortunately, Andrew Tate’s bail request was denied today by the Romanian judicial system,” said Mateja Petrescu, head of communications at Tate Brothers.

“We are disappointed with this outcome because we had high hopes of seeing Andrew reunited with his family. His legal team will appeal this decision within 48 hours,” Petrescu added.

Andrew Tate leaves court after his trial in Romania
Former kickboxer Andrew Tate (L) and his brother Tristan (2nd R) leave the court with police cars after a trial in Bucharest, Romania, February 1, 2023.

Alex Nicodim/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Despite being denied bail three times, the brothers have yet to be formally charged. Tristan Tate’s bail hearing is set for Wednesday, according to The BBC.

“[The Court] the motion of the defendant T.E.A. on the replacement of the measure of detention in custody with a bond not to leave is rejected as fundamentally inadmissible. With the right to appeal within 48 hours after the communication,” says the court statement presented to Petrescu.

Eugene Vidiniak, Tate’s lawyer, said: “On its face, the court’s decision is illegal because the principle of inadmissibility concerns the question of impossibility of a judicial act, a principle that cannot be applied in this case.”

Tate is best known for spreading hate, misogyny and violence on social media. He was banned from both Facebook and Instagram in August 2022 for violating Meta’s policy on dangerous organizations and individuals, and was banned from posting videos on YouTube.

He was suspended from Twitter in 2017 for being women “be responsible” for sexual assault, but was later reinstated on the platform Elon Musk became the owner of the company last year.

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