Google I / O 2022 is a platform on which Google showcases its new products, mostly software. This developer conference helps people understand the different products that Google plans to introduce for its diverse hardware later this year. Over the years, Google has become accustomed to talking about the new version of Android for smartphones, smart watches and even tablets.

In addition to this, developers get a close-up of new products added to the backend that most of us can’t see. The key report of Google I / O 2022 will be the CEO of Alphabet Sundar Pichai, who will guide us through the announcements during the 2-hour session. Google I / O 2022 is again a virtual event, which means that the whole world can broadcast the event live for free.

According to numerous reports, the main reports of Google I / O 2022 should give us more information about Android 13 for smartphones, Wear OS for smart watches, Chrome OS for Chromebooks and other software products offered by Google in the market. Android 13 is expected to be the focus, and we’ll learn how Google has improved privacy and security features for future smartphones.

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But it is unlikely that Google will be limited in its orientation only to software products. Numerous leaks and rumors have hinted that Google may announce a new Pixel 6a smartphone, as well as give us updates on the company’s first ever smart Pixel Watch.

Watch the video: Google I / O 2022 Keynote Live

Highlights of Google I / O 2022 Keynote Live

10:48 PM IST

Google Workspace gets new features

The workspace gets automated summaries so you don’t have to browse 25 pages of your project, Pichai says. Google Docs is getting this feature right now, and other Workspace products will get it soon.

10:39 pm IST

Google Translate is supporting 24 new languages

Pichai announces that thanks to Google’s neural machine language, it now has 24 new languages ​​supported by Translate. He was able to configure these languages ​​without relying on all the data to get successful results.

10:35 PM IST

Google I / O 2022 Keynote with Sundar Pichai begins

Immediately after the sign, the main report of Google I / O 2022 begins, and Sundar Pichai enters the stage to start a 2-hour session.

Sundar Pichai on the Google I / O 2022 program report

10:27 PM IST

Sundar Pichai is ready for Google I / O 2022 Keynote

Sundar Pichai is ready to give the main report in less than 3 minutes, and here is his update from scratch

10:26 PM IST

Google I / O 2022 Keynote: What We Expect to See

The Google I / O 2022 program is likely to become a platform on which we learn more about Android 13, how Google has improved the software for its devices and what other privacy features have been added to make it more secure.

10:22 PM IST

Google I / O 2022 Keynote Live Where to watch

Google I / O 2022 takes place at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. You can watch the live broadcast on Google’s official YouTube channel. We’ve also added a link to insert below so you can watch the show on the News18 Tech website.

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