An enraged South Los Angeles man rams his own home with a dump truck

An enraged South Los Angeles man rams his own home with a dump truck


Residents of Westmont, south of Los Angeles, were stunned Saturday afternoon when they saw their neighbor on a rampage, destroying his own home, neighbors’ yards, cars and anything in his path. This is reported by CBS Los Angeles.

“The first time he came in with the Impala, he tore the garage door open,” neighbor Jorney Meggerson said.

Megherson began recording the tests shortly after 3:30 p.m. She and her family members immediately called the police.

But by the time officers arrived, the man was back driving the dump truck, creating another trail of destruction.

Patricia Dunn said her husband, Ronald Dunn, was driving.

They are divorcing, and she filed for a restraining order earlier this month, which angered Ronald, Patricia said.

“Fear is completely fear. Because he was like crazy,” said Patricia, describing the ordeal.

Neighbors said Ronald returned a third time half an hour after the first deliberate crash. They recall how he shouted obscenities at his wife and neighbors who were just trying to comfort her.

Officers arrived nearly 45 minutes after the initial 911 call, CBS LA reports.

“If they had been here a little earlier, all this damage wouldn’t have happened because he came back three times and they weren’t even here,” Patricia said, crying.

She added that she was afraid for her life.

“I don’t even want this house anymore,” she said. “I want to put it up for sale and just move on because I’m not comfortable here anymore. I don’t know, he might come back. Who’s to say no?”

“A man who is in such anger, who can say what he can do? He tried to kill me. He really was.”

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