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Photo: 4300streetcar/Wikimedia Commons

A restored Norfolk Southern EMD SD60E locomotive.

Another Norfolk Southern train derailed about 20 miles northeast of East Palestine in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Associated Press informed.

According to the AP, nine cars of a Norfolk Southern freight train derailed late on May 10, with no hazardous chemicals on board and no injuries.

The report said at least some of the cars that derailed contained paraffin and soybeans. Paraffin is used to make candles.

Representatives for Norfolk Southern did not return calls CityBeatrequest for comment at press time.

A plume of thick black smoke rose over homes and waterways, painting a grim picture for weeks to come. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) quickly took charge of the Norfolk Southern cleanup, vowing to hold the multibillion-dollar rail giant accountable for the disaster, but polls showed most Americans don’t trust the government copes with the rainfall in Eastern Palestine to this day.

Cincinnati voters are being asked approve the sale of the Cincinnati Southern Railroad to Norfolk Southern, possibly this November.
Voters rose worries of the future security if the city relinquishes the control of its railroad to the company which has lobbied against safety regulations which, according to some, caused the fiery explosion in Eastern Palestine.

The city currently receives $25 million annually to lease the railroad to Norfolk South. Under the proposed sale, the city would receive $1.6 billion, which would be put into a trust fund known as the Building Our Future Trust Fund. Mayor Aftab Purewal said the deal with Norfolk Southern is critical to funding more than The city’s capital needs are $385 million.

Sale or no sale, the company still has the option to renew its lease with the city to continue using the Cincinnati Southern Railroad for the next 25 years.

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