Apple was supposed to hold an event sometime in October to launch a number of upcoming iPads and Macs, as well as iPadOS 16. According to Mark Grumman and Mark Grumman, Apple’s rumored event may not happen at all. an expert on all things Apple.

In October, Apple is likely to release two Mac minis, one with an M2 chip and one with an M2 Pro chip, and several MacBook Pros, one with an M2 Pro chip and one with an M2 Max chip. and two iPad Pros, one as an 11-incher and the other as a 12.9-incher, both of which will be powered by the M2 chip.

In addition, Apple also plans to update the Apple TV set-top box with an A14 chip and increased RAM. Neither of these new products is a major departure for Apple. They will get some improved specifications and a chip that was already announced at the official event in June at WWDC 2022.

Grumman says Apple doesn’t really have enough new hardware to warrant a polished launch, and will likely just release some of these products quietly using press releases instead of hosting an iPhone-style major event.

Also, the lack of a teaser or announcement about Apple’s headset could also make it less likely that the company will be ready for the event in October.

A few years ago, Apple announced a new product almost every day of the week. Instead of holding an event, the company decided that it would be better to present the products in the form of press releases. With that in mind, Gurman believes that Apple could do the same thing instead of doing a keynote.