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Photo: Maggie McDonnell

Downtown Arnold’s Bar & Grill is closing for six weeks to film a big movie.

Arnold’s Bar & Grill is closing for six weeks starting January 16th. They shared the news on social media.

Little information has been released, but everyone has their own guesses. The message indicated that diners can expect to see the restaurant in the last few days before the temporary closure. As for the specific film, all that was said was, “We’re not allowed to give specifics, but the famous rabbit’s employers have rented Arnold for 6 weeks for a big movie!” Many immediately guessed that the rabbit in question was none other than Bugs Bunny, the figurehead of the Warner Brothers studio.

Warner Brothers currently has cast and crew filming The Wise Men starring Robert De Niro. At the beginning of January Eden Park in Mount Adams is closed for filming, although Cincinnati Parks would not reveal the film’s title. De Niro was also recently spotted dining at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. Could this be considered a movie?

Arnold’s Bar & Grill will be closed to the public from January 16th to February 21st.

Arnold’s is located at 210 E. Eighth Street, Downtown. Additional information:

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