DEFIANCE – Just count to four.

Due to strong gusts of wind on Friday, most runners realized that setting personal records at the District Athletics Competition in Division II at Defiance High School would be a difficult challenge.

Thus, for most athletes, it only came down to a place in the top four places in each competition. The top four spots in each event on Friday move to Regional Division II in Picoa, which takes place on Thursday and Saturday.

Junior Ottawa-Glandorf, the great Alex Fortman, did not set personal records on Friday. However, she won the 400, 800 and took part in the 800-meter relay and the 1,600 relay on Friday.

Fortman’s most impressive victory came in the 800th, where she escaped from the field and was the first to cross the finish line.

Official time was not available to the press in The Lima News. They will be available online.

“Today’s goal was to get into the top four and move on,” said Fortman after the victory in the 800th.

Windy weather on Friday forced the cancellation of the sixth jump. This event will take place on Monday. Therefore, the number of points may change after Monday. However, after Friday’s competition, the team champions were determined.

In the girls’ final team standings, Selina won the team title.

From the boys Van Wert received the team title.

Celina’s girls’ team performed well on the track on Friday.

In the beginning, in the 100-meter hurdles, the Bulldogs took the first two places.

Sophomore Natalie Dross was ahead of classmate Isabel Duenas.

“At first I thought she got me,” Dross said with a smile.

Dross said her time on Friday was even close to her personal recommendations. However, she was happy to win the race and get the opportunity to compete in regional competitions.

“My best time (100 barriers) is 16.19. So, it was definitely a bit of a drop, ”Dross said of Friday’s performance. “But I still won. … It’s pretty cool.

“Last year I did not reach the (regional) final. I had a bad race. My goal this year is at least to reach the final and, I hope, to make a statement. “

On Friday, Sister Dameron’s 1,600 girls killed Selina well.

Junior Kaylee Demeron won 1,600, and her sister finished fourth.

Kaylee is trying to get to the state meeting this season, which will be her first time. She participated in state cross-country competitions.

The Domeron sisters do not usually lead the race. Their strategy is to maintain a strong, stable pace, stay in competition, and then strain at the end of the race.

“I enjoy working on the step on each lap and trying to make my way when it gets really hard,” Kaylee said. “On the last lap at this point everything is making its way.”

As for the boys, on Friday senior Van Wert Connor Pratt did not allow the wind to hold him back.

In the distance, 400 Pratt showed victory time (50.1 seconds, unofficially). At last week’s Western Buckeye League Championship, Pratt won the 400 with a personal best of 49.76 seconds.

“It’s one of those days when you really can’t stop too much on time,” Pratt said. “You just have to be a competitor and be in the top four to move on to regional competitions.”

Pratt feels he has not reached the peak.

“Ever since I was under 50 (seconds, at the WBL last week), I’ve thought that if I did that, I could keep going lower. So low 49 – I would be very happy with that, ”he said with a smile.

Kieran Johnson’s bat junior had a great day on Friday.

Johnson kicked off Friday with a 100-win victory (11.79, unofficially) – his second straight victory in the 100 in the constituencies.

Then Johnson was part of the 800 relay and the 400 relay.

Coming in, Johnson was confident of his chances in the 100th.

“I was seeded under the fourth while walking. But I just needed to run into the race. I came out pretty strong, ”Johnson said.

On Wednesday, the first day of Division II County at Defiance, the 3,200-meter relay for the boys Van Wert (Trey Laudick, Hunter Scherer, Gage Springer, Gage Vannemacher) won 8-21.14.

The girls won Defiance (Mira Horvat, Samantha Hohenberger, Leila Brisen, Emily Wall) with a score of 9: 54.17. Selina (Emily Schwitterman, Raven Harris, Jaslene Demeron, Kaylee Demeron) finished second (9: 59.40) and Ottawa-Glandorf (Madeline Hovest, Lily Hazelman, Rose Turnwald, Olivia Fenbert) finished third (10: 01.28). .

Emma Hoffman of OG won the drive Wednesday with a mark of 134 feet 5 inches.

Xavier Griffiths of Bath won 55-1 in the boys’ shot put on Wednesday. The second was Logan Dotson from Van Wert (49-4.5).

Alexa Fortman of Ottawa-Glandorf is in the 400 standings in Friday’s Division II at Defiance. See more high school sports photos at

Brandon Bowers of St. Mary is involved in the hurdles race on Friday’s Division II division at Defiance.

Kieran Johnson of Bath competes in the 100-meter dash during Friday’s Division II athletics competition at Defiance High School. Richard Parish Kieran Johnson of The Lima News Bath is in the top 100 in Friday’s Division II at Defiance.

Kaylee Demeron of Selina competes in the 1,600-meter dash during Friday’s District Division II Athletics Competition at Defiance High School. Richard Parish Lima News

Nate Phillips of Van Wert is involved in the high jump during Friday’s Division II Division on Defiance.

Amelia Lutz of Selina is involved in the shot put during Friday’s Division II Division at Defiance.

Conor Pratt of Van Vert is in the 400 standings in Friday’s Division II at Defiance.

Natalie Dross of Selina participates in the 100-hurdles race in Friday’s Division II at Defiance.

Participants of the II division area are struggling with strong gusts of wind

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