Military officials say they tried to detain two men for riding ATVs on a public road when the men took off.

TALEDA, Ohio – Two people were injured in an ATV crash in central Toledo after fleeing police on Sunday night.

Ohio State Road Patrol the military says they tried to stop on two ATVs just before 7pm for being on the road when the drivers took off.

Soldiers say they have begun tracking male drivers on Detroit Avenue by helicopter, helping to alert Toledo police about their whereabouts.

It was noticed that the suspects were driving together on several neighboring streets, but eventually parted ways.

One of the drivers crashed into a sign of the Garden of Prayer church on Dr. Ottawa near Bluff Street.

The second failed to drive on the other side of the street.

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As a result of the accident, both drivers received minor injuries. One of them was taken to hospital.

The second was taken into custody.

Initially, the military said they pulled men for riding an ATV on a public road.

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They are likely to face charges of negligent driving and failure to stop during the escape.

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