Summer vacation is, of course, a time for children to relax, but there is an opportunity for enrichment.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Summer vacation is about a month away.

Children, of course, will have time to rest, but there is an opportunity to get rich. Looking at the latest national table, the data shows that children in every state are falling behind when it comes to understanding basic math.

A 2022 survey of 1,400 public school parents across the country Study of heroes indicated that 92% believe their children are performing at grade level.

In a federal survey, school officials reported that half of all American students started this school year behind in at least one subject.

Educators encourage enrichment to avoid the summer slide.

“It’s understandable why kids struggle with the amount of time kids have spent outside of the classroom, how math works. It is based on concepts. And so if you miss a concept, it’s very hard to catch up,” Mackenzie Price says.

Price is a mom and educator who shares how she has helped her children and students at her school in Texas work to master all levels of math.

She says it starts with parents and guardians taking action and taking responsibility for technology.

“We can provide that personalized experience. So these apps can be done on phones, iPads or computers. A lot of them are free,” Price said.

Khan Academy is one of the personalized apps Price recommends. It’s free and challenges kids of all ages in math.

Prodigy is another free app aimed at kids with an invitation to start playing and learning. There is a separate site for teachers and parents.

Some apps are pay-to-play – depending on your budget. DreamBox is a math app that some say masquerades as a video game.

“It’s only $10 a month and it’s like a video game. When my kids were younger, they would come home from school and say, “Can I play in the dream box for 30 minutes?” Can I please spend time on DreamBox?’ Hey, if I have a kid who is asking for more math outside of school, that’s a win,” Price said.

Ohio children are tested at grade level. Percentage of fourth-grade students performing at or above grade level National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) was 40% in 2022.

Columbus also has apps and reading programs.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library is hosting an event called Kindergarten Ready, Class Time, where you can boost your child’s ability to learn using books, rhymes and music.

Find out more about CML events this summer here.

For those at home Epic-Kids’ Books and Reading app and site can help your children strengthen their learning abilities.

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