The video of the observation shows a man walking in front of the motel rooms, and another man passing by before eventually firing a pistol and fleeing.

TALEDA, Ohio – A 33-year-old man from Toledo was jailed after police said he was filmed on camera filming a room in a Michigan state motel.

Police say it happened around 11pm in Bedford on Saturday night at the Deluxe Inn Hotel on Telegraph Road.

Witnesses say the man acted suspiciously outside the motel room, and officers asked him to leave.

According to police, an hour later he returned and fired a pistol into the room window

Deputies who arrived at the scene found two bullet holes in the window of the motel.

Police say the suspect in the shooting, as well as two people who were alleged targets, fled the scene after the shooting.

According to the release, Monroe County sheriffs identified the man using motel video surveillance records.

The video of the observation shows a man walking in front of a motel room when another man passes by before he eventually fires a pistol and runs away.

At the behest of Lucas County Sheriffs, Monroe County officials tracked the suspect to a house on Christie Street. in western Toledo on Sunday.

Toledo police eventually detained him. The man was detained without incident. According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect was taken to the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office for an extradition hearing.

No one was injured in the shooting.

Police believe it was an accidental act.

If you have more information, you are asked to call the Monroe County Sheriff’s Detective Bureau at 734-240-7530.

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