NOAA collected aerial images after the storm to support emergency response efforts.

SANIBEL, Fla. — Those looking to get a closer look at the damage caused by Hurricane Ian can now use a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) tool for viewing aerial photographs some of the worst affected areas.

After severe weather events, NOAA aircraft fly over specific areas designated by NOAA in coordination with FEMA and other state and federal partners

The images are then compiled into a mapping tool used by emergency managers and coastal services to develop recovery strategies, assist in search and rescue efforts, identify navigational hazards and provide documentation of damage assessments by comparing before and after images.

The general public can also use the tool to get a broad picture of the damage to their homes and communities.

Here are some pictures of Southwest Florida before and after Hurricane Ian.

Sanibel Road

Legacy Harbor Marina

Island at Shell Point

Causeway Islands Park

Loughton Island

“Aerial imagery is a critical tool for determining the extent of flood damage and for comparing baseline coastal areas to assess damage to major ports and waterways, shorelines, critical infrastructure, and coastal communities,” according to NOAA’s website. “These images provide a cost-effective way to better understand damage to property and the environment.”

To test the mapping tool, Click here. You can too Click here tips for using the tool.