New Superintendent Ted Hasselman will replace Francis Scruchi, who announced he is retiring later this year.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Ted Hasselman, superintendent of Pike Delta York Local Schools in Fulton County, will Bowling Green next supervisor.

The Bowling Green City School Board announced at a meeting Wednesday that Hasselman will replace current Superintendent Francis Scruchi, who announced in January that he plans to retire at the end of this year. Hasselman was unanimously elected by the board.

Twist was hired by Bowling Green in 2015. He previously served as superintendent of Gahanna-Jefferson City Schools in Franklin County.

Scruchi’s tenure at BG was marred by numerous failed attempts to introduce a levy for new school buildings, most recently in 2022.

In late April, Hasselman was one of three finalists for the job, who met with the community and answered questions from local residents.

Hasselman said one of his top priorities will be building relationships in the community.

“I’d like to be accessible, approachable and in the community, get involved in community organizations, be a part of Bowling Green and build trust between the schools and the community,” he said.

The other two finalists were Kim Brooke, director of human resources and student services at Green Local Schools, a district near Akron; and Bruce Otley, director of operations for Liberty-Benton Local Schools.

Hasselman has been with Pike Delta York Local Schools since 2015.

Earlier this year, he was also a finalist in the search for a new Findlay school superintendent.

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