Sons of BGSU Hall of Famers Rob Blake and Nelson Emerson both play for the Falcons and will be linked forever.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio – When you walk the halls of the Slater Family Ice Arena, you’re reminded of history Bowling Green State University Hockey program at every step.

Two of the best to ever do it in orange and maroon are Rob Blake and Nelson Emerson, both BGSU Hall of Famers.

They played together on the ice and both had incredibly successful careers in the NHL.

Both of their sons now play at Bowling Green. Jack Blake and Quinn Emerson are both freshmen this year and they will be linked together forever.

“I’ve known him my whole life, he’s my best friend since childhood,” Blake said. “He lives about five minutes away from me in my hometown so I see him every day and of course we’re roommates here so I can’t get away from him. I love him very much, so he is like a brother to me. “

“We are best friends. We hang out every day in the summer, we skate, we train together, we even work together in the summer,” Emerson said. “Everything we do, we usually do together. We’ve been best friends and even live here together, so we’ll keep doing it, having fun and making memories.”

In the halls of the old ice arena, the names Emerson and Blake meet at every turn. Now their sons are trying to make their way with the Falcons.

“Honestly, I think I have to be true to myself. I know the name will always be with me, it will be with me,” Blake said. “Just do the little things every day and keep working hard and one day it will happen and my name will speak for itself.”

“I’ve always come here since I was a little kid, and it’s a really special place,” Emerson said. “My dad always tells me about it and all the memories he has. Obviously it’s a little bit of pressure to have that name, but I try not to deal with it and just try to play my game.”

“They came without guarantees. They understood that they fit. Both the boys and their parents understand what the boys are like as players, and they also understand that this is their business,” Bowling Green head coach Ty Eigner said. “They’re going to make it what they do, and it’s not about Rob or Nelson, it’s about Jack and Quinn. Everyone is on the same page and it’s fun to see a kid see an opportunity and take advantage of it. “


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