PHOENIX – Brittney Griner has faced her share of battles on and off the basketball court.

Now the WNBA superstar’s story will be told in comic book form, thanks to Tidal Wave Comicswho published “Woman Power: Brittney Griner” on Wednesday.

“This is a story about an athlete who overcame obstacles to become a significant player in the WNBA, not about politics. We started working on this story about four years ago to diversify the lineup, as we’ve featured several male athletes in past issues. Her coming of age as an athlete and her struggle to come to terms with being a gay, black woman, first at a religious college and then in the national spotlight, are the focus of this issue. Since we have 24 pages to tell the story, we used this focus to communicate what to include and what to leave out. For example, as her story progressed, we felt we needed to add two pages about her arrest in Russia. However, when the artist finished the interiors, a deal was made with the Russian authorities, so we rewrote those two pages to make our information accurate,” said published by Darren G. Davis.

Griner posed for pictures with fans who were excited to see the WNBA superstar in person.

Griner, who was with his wife Sherel, told 12News he was happy to be home.

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