Samsung is offering a great deal on our bestselling washer and dryer duo. Right now you can save $1,060 on Samsung washer and dryer to order. Laundry duo with 4.8 star rating drops during Discover the Samsung Summer Sale. When you shop the sales, you’ll also get discounts on a variety of top-rated Samsung products washing machines and electric dryers. All of these laundromats are rated four stars or higher and have tons of positive customer reviews.

Hurry – these Samsung deals don’t last forever. Save big on our bestselling washers and dryers below.

Samsung Bespoke Linen Set: Save $1,060



The Bespoke laundry line includes all the latest AI technology you’ve come to expect from Samsung washing machines. These washers and dryers feature a smart dial for easy cycle selection, an automatic detergent dispenser and Samsung Super Speed ​​wash and dry settings for a full load in just 30 minutes.

The latest Bespoke line includes Samsung’s AI Optimal Dry. The technical function uses sensors to determine the moisture content of your laundry and automatically selects the best drying mode.

Like other Samsung Bespoke appliances, the Bespoke washer and dryer are available in three designer colors: matte black, silver steel and matte navy blue. The dryer is available in electric and gas versions. (Expect to pay $90 for a gas-powered dryer.)

Samsung Bespoke Washer and Dryer Pair (Electric), $1,898 (reduced from $2,958)

This is a great time to upgrade to a new washer and dryer. The Discover the Samsung Summer Sale continues until May 21.

Consider upgrading more than just your washer and dryer this year. The Samsung sale includes deals on a variety of household appliances, robot vacuum cleaners, tablets, televisions and more. Plus, Samsung has new deals announced throughout the week, so check back often. We’ve found the best deals on Samsung products that you can get right now at the Discover Samsung event.

Shop more of the best washers and dryers of 2023

Check out more CBS Essentials washers and dryers that customers love below. Many of these washers and dryers are now on sale.

Samsung Smart Dial washing machine with FlexWash and Super Speed ​​Wash



The FlexWash feature of this washing machine includes two individually controlled washing machines in one. You can erase individual loads at once or individually, and erase each load with different cycles, settings and options. This retail model uses the power of artificial intelligence to learn and recommend your favorite wash cycles, and it can wash a full load of laundry in just 28 minutes.

This six-cubic-foot washer is big enough for a large family or a person who does a lot of laundry.

Samsung Smart Dial Washer with FlexWash and Super Speed ​​Wash, $1,299 (regularly $1,999)

Samsung Smart Dial electric dryer with FlexDry and Super Speed ​​​​Dry functions



Like the washing machine above, this electric dryer does the work of two machines at once. This Samsung unit combines a regular high-capacity dryer with a dryer for delicate fabrics and allows you to dry everyday clothes and delicate items at the same time or separately.

The 4.7-star washing machine uses the power of artificial intelligence to learn and recommend your favorite drying cycles, and displays them first for quick access. It can dry a full load of laundry in just 30 minutes.

Samsung Smart Dial Electric Dryer with FlexDry and Super Speed ​​Dry, $1,299 (regularly $1,999)

Samsung front loading washer and dryer



The washing duo has a number of smart features that are simply not available in older washers and dryers. It’s about AI technology (the appliances use it to recommend cleaning cycles) and Wi-Fi connectivity (which you connect to to run the show). By downloading Samsung’s SmartThings app, you can remotely start and stop appliances, receive end-of-cycle alerts, schedule cycles, and more.

The washing machine from this Samsung bestseller comes with technology that detects the level of dirt to improve cleaning and antimicrobial technology to keep the washing machine smelling fresh.

Meanwhile, a matching dryer can dry a full load of laundry in just 30 minutes. According to Samsung, the dryer can eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria on clothes.

Samsung Front Load Washer and Dryer Combo, $2,778 (reduced from $3,198)

Washer and dryer can be purchased separately. They are both on sale right now.

Samsung Smart Dial Extra Large Front Load Washer with OptiWash, $1,439 (regularly $1,600)

Samsung Smart Dial Electric Dryer with Super Speed ​​Dry, $1,439 (regularly $1,600)

Samsung front loading washing machine with CleanGuard and dryer with super speed drying kit

Front loading washing machine with CleanGuard and dryer with Super Speed ​​Dry kit


If you’re unhappy with the quality of your old washer and dryer and the amount of time it takes to clean and dry your clothes, it may be time to upgrade to a new pair. Samsung has it this washer and dryer combo has a matte black finish on sale. Washers and dryers have smart controls that learn and recommend preferred wash or dry cycles. The dryer can dry a full load of laundry in just 30 minutes.

Both of these appliances are large in size, making them a great choice for large families or people who usually expect to do a lot of laundry at once. The washer is 5 cubic feet and the dryer is 7.5 cubic feet.

Samsung Front Load Washer with CleanGuard and Super Speed ​​Dry Kit Dryer, $2,608 (reduced from $2,898)

Samsung washer and dryer can be purchased separately.

Extra Large Capacity Front Load Smart Dial Washer with MultiControl, $1,304 (regularly $1,449)

Electric Dryer with Smart Dial and Super Speed ​​Dry, $1,304 (regularly $1,449)

Samsung Smart Super Speed ​​Top Load Washing Machine and Smart Steam Electric Dryer



Looking for a top loading washing machine? You can save big with this high-speed washing machine and smart steam electric dryer set directly from Samsung. Both devices have built-in Wi-Fi, so you can remotely start or stop your cycle, schedule laundry, get end-of-cycle alerts, and more.

“What can I say about this washer and dryer set other than it’s the best we’ve ever had?” praised a delighted customer who purchased a duo of Samsung home appliances. “The washer and dryer have a sleek, stylish design with easy-to-use buttons and dials.”

Samsung Smart Top Load Washing Machine and Smart Electric Steam Dryer Set, $1,358 (reduced from $1,998)

The Samsung washer and dryer can be purchased separately, but you’ll get the best deal as a bundle.

Samsung Smart Extra Large Capacity Top Load Super Speed ​​Washing Machine, $799 (regularly $1,199)

Samsung Smart Electric Dryer with Steam Disinfection, $729 (regularly $999)

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