28th Actors Guild Award
Actor Will Smith poses with his award for outstanding role as a male actor in the lead role at the 28th Actors Guild Awards ceremony in Santa Monica, California, on February 27, 2022.


Unfortunately, the family drama of the deaf “CODA” won top awards at the unpredictable and historic 28th Film Actors Guild Awards, which also won starring roles in “Squid Games”, starring “Ted Lassa” and Will Smith.

The ceremony, which took place Sunday at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, and was broadcast on both TNT and TBS, was particularly serious, with historic victories for deaf actors, Korean stars and some of Hollywood’s biggest names. The culmination of this was the film “CODA” by Sian Heather about the coming of age of Apple TV +, in which three deaf actors Marley Matlin, Troy Kotsur and Daniel Durant, along with the newcomer Emilia Jones won in the best ensemble. The film was seen as a turning point for the deaf in Hollywood.

“This confirms the fact that we deaf actors can work just like everyone else. We look forward to more opportunities for deaf actors,” Matlin said on stage before teaching sign language for “I love you.” .

Metlin is the only deaf actor to win an Oscar, but her CODA counterpart, Kotsur, may be in line to join her. Kotsur became the first deaf actor to receive an individual SAG award. When his last name was read, the 53-year-old veteran actor plunged headfirst into his hands. On stage, he thanked his wife for “reminding me to check my fly before going out on the red carpet.”

Netflix’s first non-English series, Squid Game, nominated by the Actors Guild, won three awards, including Lee Jeong-zhe for Best Male Actor in a Drama Series and Chong Hoon for Best Actress in a Drama Series. . These wins went to stars such as “Succession” Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong, as well as Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston from “The Morning Show”.

“I’ve sat many times watching you on the big screen, dreaming of becoming an actor one day,” Jung told the crowd, fighting back tears.

However, HBO’s “Succession” ultimately prevailed in the Best Drama Series category. Cox accepted the award with a swear word printed on his mask, and another was uttered when he struggled to remove it. But Cox became serious during the discussion Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In the evening’s harshest statements about the invasion, he noted that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was a comedian, and therefore a fellow performer. He called on censored dissidents in Russia to speak out.

“People in Russia who don’t like what’s going on – and especially artists – I think we should join them in celebrating and hoping they can make the shift I think they can,” Cox said while the audience stood and applauded.

28th Actors Guild Award - Inside
(Remaining to Fight) Eugenia Derbes, Daniel Durant, Marley Metlin, Troy Kotsur and Emilia Jones take home the award for outstanding role in the film for “CODA” on stage during the 28th Actors Guild Awards in Barker Angara. 2022 in Santa Monica, California.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for WarnerMedia

The SAG Awards are considered one of the most reliable predictors of the Academy Award. Actors make up the highest percentage in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and their choices often coincide. In 2020, when Darmaed and Brad Pitt won, they were exactly the same.

Although the Actors Guild and the Academy parted ways last year, when Aaron Sorkin’s 1960s drama in the Courtroom “Chicago 7” topped the SAG awards and “Nomadland” won an Oscar, winning the CODA »Testifies to the main threat to win the best. a picture over Kenneth Bran’s film “Belfast” (which went without a win on Sunday) and top Oscar nominee Jane Campion’s “Dog Power” (which failed to get the ensemble’s mark despite the fact that the three actors were nominated individually).

SAG’s track record could also mean that Will Smith, the star of the Williams family tennis drama “King Richard,” is heading for his first Oscar. Smith became the best actor after receiving his first SAG award.

“It may have been one of the greatest moments of my career, because my name was named after ‘King Richard’, who sat next to Venus Williams,” Smith said.

The best actress was more difficult to track. Many saw Olivia Coleman (“Lost Daughter”) as a favorite for the second Oscar. In the particularly competitive category, those who have been convicted attract the most attention. Kristen Stewart of “Spencer” bypassed the SAG, and Lady Gaga (“House of Gucci”) missed the film academy.

However, Jessica Chastain, who plays the infamous TV evangelist in “Eyes of Theme Faye,” won on Sunday, receiving her first individual SAG award. At the Oscars on March 27, no category could be more uncertain.

Meanwhile, Ariana Deboz of West Side Stories has confirmed her status as a favorite, receiving Sunday for Best Supporting Actor. The Deboz Prize also had a historical resonance.

“It’s indicative that the door is opening,” Deboz said, speaking to reports in the virtual behind-the-scenes media room. “It’s an honor to be noticed, an honor to be an African-American, an outspoken color woman, a dancer, a singer, an actor. It is significant for me that I will not be the last, and this is an important part. “

The SAG Awards, which will be available to air Monday on HBO Max, are presented by the Hollywood Actors Guild SAG-AFTRA. After the January Golden Globe did not become an event, they became the first major television show in Hollywood this year – along with a red carpet and speeches with tears in their eyes. The trio “Hamilton” consisting of Lynn-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr. and David Diggs began broadcasting with the stated theme “together again”.

“We are back in a world where all we need to do to hang out in this way is to get dressed, show up, get smeared, disinfected, examined, masked, vaccinated, amplified, rapid-tested and PCR-purified within 24 hours, “Odom Jr. said.” Now who’s ready for the party? “

Some actors, referring to the quarantine rules related to the production schedule, visited remotely – including the leading TV nominee “Ted Lasso”. Appearing on video with his fellow actors, Jason Sudeikis received the award for best male role in a comedy series. Later, the show Apple TV + was recognized as the best team of comedy series.

Although the Oscars do not involve vaccinations for presenters (participants only), it was necessary for the SAG Awards, which are voted for by the Hollywood Actors Guild SAG-AFTRA. Other awards went to Gene Smart of “Hacks,” Kate Winslet of “Mare of Easttown,” and Michael Keaton of “Dopesick,” who dedicated their award to his nephew Michael. Kitan previously said he died from fentanyl and heroin use in 2016.

SAG Awards also crowned actress “Queen” Helen Mirren. The five-time SAG winner was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

“Honestly, any achievement I’ve achieved is the result of my mantra, which mostly sounds in time and doesn’t be an ass,” the 76-year-old Mirren said. “Thank you, thank you, SAG so much for that. I hate to say the word ‘sag’ at my age.”

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