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Fresh food at Brassica

Five years have passed since then Brassica opened its doors in the Van Aken area, and the restaurant is still crowded most of the day. It’s a testament to the company and culture that brothers Kevin and Darren Malhame have built to fuel this restaurant and its sister venture, Northstar Café.

“Shaker Heights has been great for us,” says Kevin. “It’s a great neighborhood and we like the Ratners’ project there. Van Aken is an exciting place for restaurants to operate.”

Next up for the Columbus-based company is Westlake, specifically West Bay Plaza on Detroit Road in Westlake. The store, located across the street from Crocker Park, will be Brassica’s sixth and second in Greater Cleveland.

“The restaurant will be very similar,” Malhame adds. “The experience should be the same as Brassica in Van Aken.”

Given the fluid nature of the construction, hiring and training processes, Malhame plans to open sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“We don’t have an opening date yet, but we hope to open around the holidays.”

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