It’s a race against time for the Columbus Police Department, and 100 officers will potentially leave in the next few months.

Columbus, Ohio – Now it seems that everyone is looking for help, including police departments.

It’s a race against time for the Columbus Police Department, and 100 officers could potentially leave in the next few months through a retirement incentive program.

As CrimeTracker 10 told in detailColumbus police lack staff.

“If we didn’t have enough of what we should have, it would be a cause for concern,” Columbus Police Sergeant James Fukua said.

The Columbus Police budget includes 1937 officers, but more than 50 officers are currently being laid off.

For the first time in the unit’s history, Columbus Police will now accept statements from officers who now work in other departments.

“It’s always a concern if we don’t have the numbers we’d like to have on paper because we know it means real boots on the ground and officers on patrol because we know it’s the basis of any police department, ”Fukua said.

Columbus police say side shifts are the quickest way to bring experienced officers to Columbus Street, especially with so many future retirements.

“The fact that we will lose a significant number of officers because of the retirement incentive program, in addition to in-kind retirement, and we already lack staff. That is why it is very important for us to establish this side program, ”Fukua said.

Columbus police are already recruiting in cities such as Cleveland, Cincinnati and Dayton. They plan to expedite 50 officers through the Academy’s accelerated program, as officers are already certified in the state.

“With a department of this size, there are many opportunities for promotion to do other things than just patrol,” Fukua said.

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