BAXLEY, Ohio – A Bexley High School A teacher has been placed on administrative leave after a racist drawing appeared behind two students reading morning announcements Friday.

According to the school district, the image appeared on a green screen behind the two student presenters.

An image of an orangutan eating a watermelon was shown immediately after a historical fact about African Family History Month was read, according to Superintendent Dr. Jason Fine.

Pre-show video ads are recorded on Friday. The district did not say whether anyone watched the video before it aired.

The teacher who oversees the morning announcements was sent on leave.

A letter was sent to Bexley families on Friday afternoon about the incident.

Principal Jason Caudill said during Wednesday night’s board meeting that the district is working to find a permanent replacement teacher.

Parents came to the meeting and expressed their concern about the incident. They say this is not the first time something like this has happened and they want the school board to take action.

“That’s how we feel as a community that no one cares, no one acts, no one does anything to prevent this from happening,” said one parent. “We are disappointed and I applaud the teachers who stood up to our children, the administration, [and] staff who support our children, but they are also tired.’

The incident is under investigation, according to Fine.

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