In a special CrimeTracker 10 report airing Thursday at 6pm, Lacey Crisp explains why burglars target certain homes and what you can do to deter them.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Most residential burglaries happen during the day when thieves think no one is home.

Do you know how to better protect your home?

Law enforcement agencies preach the three letters of crime prevention: Agni, Castles and The law. The police advise light to your residence the castle your door and call the right if you see something suspicious.

The property crime rate spikes in the summer, but the winter months are not immune to burglaries and other thefts.

Thursday at 6pm on 10TV News: CrimeTracker 10’s special report examines central Ohio’s winter burglary crime rate — and an ex-offender explains what makes a home a target and what makes him miss a home. See how this matches up with the police’s crime prevention tips below.

Ways to prevent house burglary

  • Make your home look busy.
  • Close all doors and windows. Install deadbolts on all exterior doors.
  • When you leave, leave the indoor and outdoor lights on. Use the automatic timer if you are away for a long period of time.
  • Trim your trees and bushes to get rid of easy hideouts for criminals.
  • Make sure your home has proper outdoor lighting, including motion sensors for yards and driveways.
  • Use curtains and/or blinds on the windows so that no one can see inside your home.
  • Do not keep a hidden key in flower pots, under a doormat, or in other “secret” hiding places.
  • Set the alarm.

If you think your home has been broken into (finding a broken window or an inexplicably open door), police advise not to go inside. Instead, call the authorities immediately, as the perpetrator may still be inside.

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