A little more than a month after Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest during a game and collapsed on the field, an NFL players union doctor expressed high hopes for the future of Hamlin’s football career.

“I guarantee you that Damar Hamlin will play professional football again,” said Dr. Tom Meyer, medical director of the NFL Players Association. Sirius XM Doctor Radio “Heart to Heart” on Wednesday. The optimistic prediction came after a caller asked Dr. Mayer if he thought Hamlin would ever play again.

This is the first time a medical professional has said that Hamlin can return to the field. according to Yahoo! Sport.

Hamlin was also honored Wednesday with the NFL Players Association’s highest honor Alan Page Award for Community Action 2023, which “recognizes one player who goes out of his way to do community service in his team city and/or hometown.” Hamlin will receive $100,000 to the charity of his choice.

GoFundMe page for Hamlin’s Chasing M’s Foundation raised more than $9 million in charitable donations from nearly 250,000 donors. Page “received renewed support” after Hamlin’s hospitalization, read update on fundraising profile.

On January 2, Hamlin went down after a tackle in the first quarter during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Hamlin’s heart was revived after going into cardiac arrest on the field before being taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. He stayed there for nine days before returning to Buffalo for further treatment.

Hamlin let go of his first public statements as it is dangerous for life the incident On January 29, when he thanked his supporters and medical staff. He did not comment on whether he plans to return to the NFL.

“I believe what happened to me on ‘Monday Night Football’ is a direct example of God using me as a vessel to share his passion and love directly from around the world to the whole world,” he said. during the awards ceremony on Wednesday.

“Now I can give to the children and communities around the world who need it most. And this has always been my dream,” he added. “This has always been something I have stood for and will continue to stand for.”


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