Marriage licenses —

Alexander Dean, 19, Defiance, manager, and Isabella Joseph, 19, Defiance, backup teacher.

Raymond Braininger, 54, Edgerton, teacher, and Michelle Hoffman, 56, Edgerton, certified nurse.

Joseph Stahl, 28, Defiance, salesman, and Samantha Fry, 23, Defiance, bartender.

General requests for the case —

Tabitha Harris, 24840 Mekus Road, v. Charles Harris, Stryker. Divorce.

Federal Credit Union of the Midwest, 08770 Ohio 66, v. Robert Sarko, 205 Lancelot Drive. Money court.

Michael Quinn, Brian, v. Alice Willie, Mark Center. Money court.

LVNV Funding LLC, Greenville, v. Christopher Brown, 17198 Highland Center. Money court.

Larry Williams, 08568 Ohio, 15, Deborah Peoples, 08568 Ohio, 15, v. Daniel Mecus, 20951 Buckskin Road, Beijing Insurance, Beijing, Illinois. Mani’s ruling.

June Black, Polding, v. General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Michigan; and the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Bureau, Columbus. Compensation to employees.

Jessica Hancock, Hicksville, v. Kenneth Hancock. Hicksville, divorce.

Journal entries —

Rene Steinmetz, 1001 Washington Avenue, vs. Harold Steinmetz, Brian. Divorce.

Joseph Stahl, 709 Village Lane, v. Randy Stahl, Cloverdale. Divorce.

Carol Armstrong, 16289 County Road 149, v. General Motors Corporation, Lexington, Kentucky; Ohio Workers’ Compensation Bureau, Columbus. The case was terminated with prejudice.

Jean Milleder, address missing, v. Patricia Nofziger, address missing. Civil Protection Order.

Real estate transfer —

Defiance House 1 –

Bruce Kunesh (i.e.) Janelle Duma, Dad. Block Canal, part 2.

Bruce Kunesh (ed.) Jennifer Davis, Holgate’s Second Supplement, Block Three, Part 6.

Frederick Bath (ed.) Melanie Finley, Beringer’s Second Supplement, lots 76-77.

Raoul Alvarado to Jessica Alvarado, Baringers Second App, Lot 73.

Roy and Sharon Brock to Reynold Lila, Powell’s replacement. lot 10 in Tecumus Dad., lot D.

Defiance Ward 3 –

Nelson and Cecilia Dunn to Edith Wu, Carter et al., Lot 21.

Defiance County Residential Housing, Inc., to Aube Homes, LLC, Biede Place Add., Lot Lot 77.

Irene Perez (i.e.) to Oka Davis, Chalat Place, Lot 23.

Roger Jones (ie) Melissa Jones, Enterprise Add., Block 1, Lot 34.

Donna and Jerry Drews, Spencer Martin, Berkmer Dad., Lot 9.

Roger and Marilyn Grog for Amy Grog, sec. 25-26, part North 1/2 Southwest 1/4.

Christopher Esparza at Bradley Camp, Powell View Heights, Lot 100.

John Moore (adj.) Ele Moore, Woodhurst Courts, Second Dept., Lot 32.

Susan Newberry to Christie Mansfield, Mistywood Crossing Phase II, Northberry Estate Phase II, Lot 30.

Gerald and Christy Mansfield to Gerald and Christy Mansfield, Mystwood, Phase II, Northberry Estate, Phase II, Lot 30.

Patricia Schaefer to Jordan Detrey, from Fairview, Lot 45.

Defiance Township –

Carol Russell to Stephen Russell, sec. 3, 1870 acres.

Sherwood Village –

Deborah Ebo to David and Jan Smith, Makin’s Appendix, Lot 3.

Brian and Gray Rami at Kuhn Brothers Properties, LLC, Original Plat, Lot 35, Part Lot 38.

Hicksville Village –

Larry Cover to Jeffery Cover, Shady Lawn Sub., Lot 1, Part Auditors Plat 173.

Brian Hauser to Katie and Jay Glur, Clearview Sub. Similar. 1, lot 4.

Gareth Miller to Elizabeth World, Original Plat, lots 387, 390.

PDM Rentals, LLC, for Paul and Joan Yoder, original platform, lots 169-170, part lot Lot 170, part lot 168 1/2, part lot 169 1/2.

Paul and Joan Yoder to Dean Yoder, original platform, lots 169-170, part lot Lot 170, part lot 168 1/2, part lot 169 1/2.

Township Highland –

Lamar Leininger (des.) Rita Leininger, sec. 6, 10,569 hectares.

Daniel and Carol Pal Theresa Gunn, sec. 9, 0.818 acres.

Frederick and Gray Hammersmith Steve and Rachel Hammersmith, chap. 19, 20 acres.

Mark Town –

Jamie Cotton to Ross Justa, sec. 10, 28.5 ares, defense. 14, 78,864 acres.

Potter Land Company, LLC, Cooper Farms, Inc., Sec. 28, 145 acres.

Potter Land Company, LLC, John Brown, sec. 35, 79 acres.

Defiance City-Noble –

Victor and Angela Gawcine in Kimberley Urbino, Riverdale Heights, Lot 38.

Noble settlement –

Casey Liska at EJC Acres, LLC, Sec. 1, 46,365, 47,549 tithes, d. 12, 17,868 acres.

Joshua and Kelsey Peyo Christine Helser, sec. 4, 4742 acres.

Howard Pleasant for Howard and Debra Pleasant, Christy Honey Phase I, Lot 161.

Tariq Nijib Chase Harmon, Noble Estates Sub., Phase One, Phase Three, Lots 30, 31.

Mary Demland for Christopher and Karen Smith, sec. 16, 5050 hectares.

Defiance City-Richland –

Jacob and Shelby Myers to Abigail and Patrick Yitter, Beastle Dad. Similar, lot 145.

Defiance City NELSD –

Jerry Liska at EJC Acres, LLC, Sec. 18, 12421 acres.

Township North Richland –

Jerry Liska at EJC Acres, LLC, Sec. 5, 76,328, 38,988, 40 ares, zah. 7, 52.346, sec. 8, 101.537, 17.269, sec. 14, 51.223, sec. 15, 80, chap. 17, 27.378, sec. 18, 30,508, 2,628 acres.

Charlene Liska at EJC Acres, LLC, Sec. 6, 10.939, sec. 7, 22.258, 37.668, 40, 0.595, sec. 9, 88, 70, chap. 10, 59,339 acres.

Matthew Helmke to Everett Wilkerson, sec. 14, 2, chap. 15, 2 acres.

Marvin and Vicki Helmke to Everett and Mackenzie Wilkerson, sec. 16, 2 acres.

APB Real Estate Holdings, LLC, Gregory Imes, Winchester Hills, Lot A, Lot Lot C, Lot B.

Defiance City NELSD application –

Jerry Liska at EJC Acres, LLC, Sec. 18, 8558 acres.

Tifin township –

Jeffrey Mack Jeffrey and Cynthia Mack, chap. 16, 2 acres (division).

John and Meryl Mack Jeffrey and Cynthia Mack, chap. 16, 2 hectares (Transfer after division.)

Township Washington –

Richard and Jodie Peterson Wesley Hostetler, sec. 29, 1.01 acres.

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