HAMLER – Singer and songwriter Kate Hasting will perform from 8pm to 9pm on Friday and from 4.30pm to 5pm on Saturday at Hamler Country Fest in Hamler.

This event will be Hasting’s solo debut with the full lineup. She also announced in an exclusive interview that although the release date has not yet been released, this week she will cut back on vocals for her first single as a solo artist for “More Than a Truck”.

Last year, Hasting was featured in People magazine, which published an emotional interview about a car accident that nearly left her orphaned. Her father was killed instantly, and her mother died clinically three times.

“About a year and a half ago, my parents got into a tragic car accident, and it definitely changed my motivation in country music, and also changed the schedule of my career,” Hasting said. “I lived in the hospital all year. Then I set up a mini-hospital on my farm. I was told that my mother would never be able to walk again. “

It changed her time in country music, she said.

“At a time when my friends were making music in their 20s and fighting for a good fight in Nashville, I didn’t have that,” she said. “But I’m not bitter and I’m not going to complain.

“What the accident did gave me a chance to be 100 percent myself. For a long time I tried to be a beautiful girl in a sundress who sang songs about breaking up. But an accident: this moment of the light bulb told me that life is so short, why try to be something other than you are? ”

Later, Hasting says her songs will be real, true stories that reflect her life.

Hamler Country Fest is located in Hamler Public Park on the northern outskirts of Hamler in Henry County, at 101 S. 1st St., on State Highway 108 near the CSX Railroad Tracks. Tickets cost $ 15 on Friday and $ 30 on Saturday, with $ 70 behind the scenes every day and camping available. Children under 16 are free with paid adult admission.

Other performers on Friday included Brent Lowry (19:00), Nashville Crash (21:00) and Sean Stemali (23:00). Saturday’s lineup includes Refeiser (18:00), Wes Garcia (20:00), Devin Henry (21:00) and Parmali (23:00).

Kate Hasting of New Carlisle near Dayton will perform on Friday night and Saturday afternoon at Hamler Country Fest in Hamler.

Kate Hasting changed the schedule of country music after her father was killed in a car accident and seriously injured her mother.

Ohio will perform at the Hamler Country Fest

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