Sam Vance runs both Uber and Lyft. He says his gas costs have risen by 50%.

Columbus, Ohio – The national average gallon of gas is $ 4.25, which is sixty cents more than last week. These prices have a serious impact on those who earn a living by car.

Sam Vance has been managing at Uber since September 2017 and at Lyft since May 2018 on a full-time basis.

“That’s all I have money for,” Vance said.

But on Wednesday he decided to stay home.

“I couldn’t justify it because Wednesdays are kind of sketchy. You could be busy, you could be very slow, and I couldn’t risk making $ 70 and using $ 30 or $ 40 to fill my tank, ”he said.

Vance says he typically pays about $ 100 a week for gasoline to ride for ride-sharing services. But now that prices are rising and the recent U.S. ban on Russian oil continues to push prices, it looks like it will get worse before it gets better.

“It’s starting to go up, I’d probably put it closer to $ 150 right now,” Vance said. – Sure, it’s a disappointment for me, but I have to be in the mood to just keep plugging in because I’m still doing it full time. There are a lot of drivers who do it part-time and they just say, “I don’t drive anymore.” [or] “I’m not driving anymore,” he said.

We asked Uber and Lyft about what they are doing to help drivers.

Both mentioned their respective cashback cash reward programs that were created to help drivers save on pumps. Both also say they are listening and will look for ways to help drivers.

It is unclear at this time how these increased gas prices will be passed on to the consumer.

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