The hearing is expected to be completed by Friday, and the board will make a decision on Dr. Grawe’s medical license in July.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A hearing resumed Tuesday in the case of Powell, a plastic surgeon accused by her patients of repeated abuse of office.

The Ohio State Board of Medicine has suspended operations Dr. Kathryn Roxanne Graue medical license last year after it was discovered that she failed to provide written discharge instructions to one patient and discovered that another had to undergo further treatment in the hospital after surgery.

Dr. Gregory Sirfield, the state’s medical examiner, said the patient, identified only as Patient One, suffered infections that were likely caused by abdominal trauma from liposuction performed by Dr. Grau.

He analyzed social media videos of Dr. Grau performing liposuction and tummy tucks, and said that several times the focus is taken away from the patient. Dr Serfeild said Grauët’s tactics were “reckless”.

Dr. Grau, known as Dr. Roxy on TikTok, is known for her videos showing off her procedures.

“The more I learn, the more I think, ‘How did I ever let myself become one of her patients?’ said Mary Jenkins, a former patient of Dr. Grau’s. “When he said she was reckless, I thought, ‘That’s my person,’ because when you see the video, and a lot of people have already seen the video, she definitely turned away from the actual operation to look at the camera.”

The defense said the first patient did not follow her discharge instructions, did not change her dressings and was left in soiled diapers, which they believe could have caused harm.

Attorney Sabrina Sellers adds that the patient’s husband refused to take her to Dr. Grau and instead went to Ohio State Hospital.
Dr. Sirfield said a third patient returned from her breast augmentation with several complications.

He said this patient was given to a nurse to carry out a hematoma evacuation – calling it a very difficult procedure that should never have been carried out by a nurse.

“It offended me because you would think a doctor would let the proper person do the proper procedures,” Jenkins said. “For that to happen knowing that this person was also not qualified, when I say it was irresponsible, it’s completely irresponsible.”

The defense continued to seek knowledge of specific procedures from the state’s expert. Sellers said Tuesday’s expert witness does far fewer of those procedures each day.

No one will be allowed to listen to another patient’s testimony on Wednesday morning.

The hearing is expected to be completed by Friday, and the board will make a decision on Dr. Grawe’s medical license in July.

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