The local brewery has become a favorite place of rest for beer lovers in the flag city.

FINDLAY, Ohio – Findlay Brewing Companya popular place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

While the sky was gray in Findlay on Friday, FBC was filled with greenery inside.

“It’s such a great day because it starts early and ends late, it goes all day,” FBC owner Steve Treece said. “It’s a celebration of life and the joy of beer and going out and having fun. If you’re making your own beer and we’re making Irish beer, it should be a big day.”

The brewery hosted its ninth St Paddy’s Day celebrations on Friday, with patrons flocking to drink pints and celebrate Irish culture.

“Everyone knows an Irish person they love, and the Irish seem to be such open, warm and loving people,” Tris said.

Anna Russo, who kicks off FBC’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration each year, said it’s the perfect time to enjoy being around others.

“It’s a time when a lot of other people are coming out, too,” Russo said. “That way, you get to see people you might not see that often, and everyone just has fun.”

Besides hosting a local band Athenian paradise for the lunch crowd, FBC doesn’t rely on gimmicks, but instead relies on the service their patrons expect.

“You won’t see green beer here,” said FBC General Manager Sarah Foltz. “We do a traditional Irish red ale, Houlihan’s, we have it every year. We’ve got it in six-packs as well as draft, and hopefully we’ll be pouring a lot of pints of it today.”

The brewery also fenced and heated its outdoor seating area so that every visitor has a place to celebrate.

Regulars say the inclusive environment is why they chose to celebrate beer lovers at FBC.

“The people who own this wonderful facility are very inclusive and I think that’s fantastic.” said Patron Tootie Bundy.

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