Chief Derek Wensinger has been placed on paid administrative leave effective Nov. 30, 2022. Wensinger was issued a first-offense warning and suspension Thursday.

FREMONT, OH – Fremont Police supervisor Derek Wensinger will serve a five-day suspension and receive a first-offense warning for not following city policy.

Fremont Mayor Daniel Sanchez made the decision after an administrative meeting with Wensinger and Safety Director Kenneth Frost on Wednesday, according to a media release sent out Thursday.

A naming hearing was scheduled for Friday to discuss Wensinger’s alleged insubordination, dishonesty and failure to maintain good behavior.

Wensinger allegedly provided unsatisfactory service during his probationary period, according to department documents. He is also charged with disorderly conduct and insubordination.

In April 2022, WTOL 11 learned through a public records request, Wensinger told another officer that they would have a hard time in law enforcement because of their race and gender.

Wensinger was appointed to the position in June 2022 after the former chief retired.

Department documents show Wensinger was ordered not to make such comments again, with Frost explaining “the negative impact of microaggressive statements. He defended his comment to the officer, saying ‘but it’s true.'” Wensinger reportedly made the same comments again in November.

“At the meeting, we discussed and reaffirmed the city’s position to refrain from microaggressive statements,” Sanchez said in a press release.

After reviewing information provided by Wensinger, Sanchez said a first-offense warning was issued for “neglect or reckless failure to follow the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the employer.”

The other charges were dismissed and Wensinger will be suspended for five days as a result of the meeting.

“During the meeting, Chief Wensinger spoke about the importance for the community to understand the complex barriers faced by those who represent historically marginalized populations,” Sanchez said. “In his systemic reform action, titled ‘The Next Level of Policing,’ Chief Wensinger will implement inclusive department strategies to continue to advance the Police Department’s vision of ‘providing a safe city for all people.'”


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