Stacey Colbert went missing on March 22, 1998. She was found dead in Delaware County six years later.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Wednesday marked the 25th anniversary of Ohio State University student Stacey Colbert’s disappearance in 1998. She was found dead in Delaware County six years later.

Her friends and family want to keep her name and are using social media to find the person who killed her.

Sorority sisters Paula Shupe and Amanda Knott say the phrase “We Live for Each Other” is Alpha Delta Pi’s motto, but they never thought they’d be fighting for one of their own 25 years later.

“We didn’t take it lightly, so this is what we are doing now, we are living for her and we will keep the promise we made when she joined our home,” Suhpe says.

Together, the sisters continue to support each other, share information, and work together to find Stacey’s killer.

“A lot of our sisters help with that, behind the scenes, we all come together and support each other,” Knott shares.

The sisters have launched a social media campaign, “End Stacey’s Fight,” to continue to bring attention and awareness to the unsolved case.

“We’re hoping to harness the way the Internet shares information, the way it spreads,” Shupe says. “We are absolutely convinced that there is someone who knows what happened to Stacey and who has been hiding it for 25 years. »

The ladies say that society should still be concerned about this case, because it can happen to anyone. Colbert had recently graduated from OSU and had a position at AEP before she was killed. Friends describe her as bright and positive.

They want to alert members of the community to come forward if they see anything suspicious.

“It’s better for 911 to get 25 calls than none in this case. When the police arrived at Stacey’s apartment, she was three days behind the killer,” Shupe says.

Shupe warns residents and law enforcement to take missing persons cases quickly and take every tip seriously.

“Law enforcement agencies treat every suspect, everyone, seriously. Even if your gut tells you it’s this guy, take them all seriously,” Shupe says.

They are urging members of the community to come forward if they have any information on the case. The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office says this is still an open investigation and Colbert will never be forgotten.

“We can’t get to the finish line by ourselves, we need our work to make an impact on someone,” Knott says.

“We will fight until our last breath,” says Shupe.

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